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Događaji su u Centru!

Over 9.800 national and international events and conferences held at the Sava Center so far were attended by more than 1,900,000 participants. Moreover, the input of it's expertise and professional staff was invaluablefor the start-up of of a number of new congress centres in other countries and for organizing a number of conferences and events all around the globe.
The Sava Center has 18 conference halls with various capacities (from 20 to 4,000 people). All conference halls and rooms have state-of-the-art technical equipment to suit the needs of even the most demanding clients. In terms of available capacity, technical equipment and professional experience, the Sava Center is the leader of the congress industry in the region.

In-house team of professional congress organizers (PCO-s) are prepared to come to grips with even the most complex challenges, be it within the Center or outside it. Our clients receive from us the best professional knowledge at all stages of congress organizing, from planning and preparation, to the drafting of the preliminary budget and coordination of a wide range of services in the preparatory and implementation stages.

The Sava Center offers an exhibition space of 3.300 square meters in building «A» (foaye by the main entrance, and area in front of conference halls) and in building «B» (foaye in front of the Great hall), that together with 29.000 square meters of open-aor exhibition space are an ideal venue for commercial presentations and art events.

The Sava Center is affiliated to internationally acclaimed professional congress associations:

 ICCA ICCA ( International Congress and Convention Association)
 AIPC AIPC ( The International Association of Congress Centres)